The Refract Units V2


Sonar Istanbul 2020

Istanbul, Turkey


sound design, audio programming,,music



"In an age where we accept the mechanics of our organic bodies and try to turn our mechanic productions into organic, ”The units” , by applying a stochastic code in a contemporary fashion to its own so called organic mechanical structure, creates an observable universe. These units which move in this universe where repetition only occurs when reached infinity, are in front of our eyes as the universe’s very simple principle.
Designed as 6 different series , ”The Refract Units” is the second one of the ”The Units” installations. It is an interactive robotic happening which allows people to experience the perceptual refractions."


The random data that controls the mirrors are transferred to a custom made PureData patch and pre-recorded sounds are triggered and processed by the data in real-time.



Concept & Design: Ersan Arslan

Sound Desing, Audio Programming & Music: Gökalp Kanatsız