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2021 - 2023

Paris, France   | Atelier des Lumières
Paris, France   | Bassins de Lumières
Dublin, Ireland | Royal Dublin Society
Riyadh, KSA | Noor Riyadh

Milano, Italy | MEET Digital Cultural Center


music, sound design

12' 25''

fixed media


"EVERYTHING observes everything as it is, questions all this existence and suggests new possibilities in three parts.

Through the eyes of a candid narrator, who follows the storyline in sync with us, visuals & sound follow a narrative where science, philosophy and metaphysics converge. We observe elements that construct what we call our lives and ways of ascribing meanings to things. This way we can grasp how the vast system of existence enveloping us is prone to many questions.

Shouldn’t we yet start pondering upon what already is? Can we really perceive all there is with our limited senses? Are we at the very end of evolution? Could the system of life we built be not only 0’s or 1’s? Are we held back and entrapped by systems we created? Do we really have free will?. Maybe this is only a contingency which our subconscious and evolutionary process carried us to. Shouldn’t we extend the limits of our awareness yet?

What then, could we become? Embracing how much we don’t know might lead us to accept becoming in a constant state of transformation and probabilities. With numerous layers we can neither perceive nor think about with our limited capabilities, there’s still a lot to discover and be fascinated about."


Direction & Design & Concept: Nohlab

Music & Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız, Ilgın İçözü

Visual Artists: Tiber Ergür, Alex Le Guillou, Fehmican Gözüm, VOID
Narrator: Jeanne Barbieri
Narration Script: Ebru Yetişkin, Candaş Şişman (Nohlab), u29dc, Erkan Esenoğlu

Technical Direction: Fehmican Gözüm

Videographer: Jonathan Mascaro

Video Edit: Teoman Küçükeren

Commissioned by Culturespaces Digital

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