Edge of Government


The Edge of Government Exhibition at World Government Summit 2019

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


music, sound design

fixed media

multichannel, 4 quadraphonic setups

"Starting off with the key concept Powered By You, Nohlab created an immersive audiovisual journey that captivates the visitors. A total of 350 square meter area was covered by both rendered and real-time generated visuals, with help of 30 projectors covering the whole floor and ceiling structures as well as walls, to create an immersive environment.

A gradually forming energy stream modelled a path for the visitors, carrying them forward into a completely different time and space, while the interactive area on the exit inspired people to engage with what they had only observed before.

A real-time fluid simulation flow covered the interactive area when nobody was around, sensors tracked human positions when present, and, a custom code helped generate particles based on people’s position and movements. This way, all the people became particle emitters, generating a power fields that affected both the visual, and other people's traces of interaction. People could shape their surroundings with their force and energy fields."

The U-shaped area is divided into 4 different sound fields and the music was designed to diffuse its form into this area. In this way, the listener could hear the change of music as they progress through the space, and the time parameter in music was attached to the experiencers.


Direction & Design: Nohlab

Music & Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız

Production Company & Spatial Design: Designlab Experience

Client: MBR Centre for Government Innovation


Art Direction for Non-Interactive Area: Nohlab & Ethem Cem

Animation: Ethem Cem