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Église de la Madeleine

Aix-en-Provence, France


music, sound design

9' 55''

fixed media


"CYCLE is a four-part audiovisual experience, which focuses on how entities in the universe generate, emerge, adapt, mutate and continue their perpetual existence in a loop, a natural and constant process. Mixing and showcasing several mechanisms of both living and inanimate elements, CYCLE shows how certain repeating behavioral patterns of things are essential to continue this cycle of existence.

Inspiration lies particularly in John Horton Conway’s Game of Life theory, the theory of primordial particle systems, emergent life systems, simple structures building complex ones, as well as biotechnology and synthetic evolution. Self-structuring patterns grow in a synchronized manner all over the universe, from molecules and one-cell organisms, to galaxies and living matter. Micro to macro pattern in the universe exactly resembles the patterns in living organisms.

Emergent cells have a custom cycle of life, leading the cells to adapt, re-shape, and mutate on the path of evolution. This repeats in synthesized life-like forms as well. Result is never a simple copy; rather an entity with properties that its parts do not have on their own. What has become, is not the same as what was, but carries all their identity in the core all at once, all pointing to a similar concept of natural evolution, a cycle, which re-starts the moment it ends."


Direction & Design: Nohlab

Music & Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız

Visual Artists: Alex Guevara, Arktk Berkut, Ethem Cem, u29dc

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