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"In this journey, Van Gogh’s artworks and life are transformed into an audiovisual storytelling in four parts, with digital interpretations and futuristic predictions. 

We start by diving into his subconsciousness, and then witness the beginnings of his career. We chase the sun with him to the South, where he paints many signature works. His manic episodes take us to his hospital room in Saint Rémy, where he recreates endless scenery through his confinement window.


Through his eyes, paintings turn into living sceneries and futuristic 3D environments. Finally, an AI analyzes over 2.000 Van Gogh artworks, and generates imagery in his style with high-dimensional algorithms and neural networks."


Direction & Design: Nohlab

Music Direction, Music and Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız

Visual Artists: Nohlab, Alexandre Le Guillou, Berkay Türk, Cue Istanbul, Emre Bayar, motionmatik

Machine Learning & Creative Coding: Hakan Gündüz

Technical Content Direction: Fehmican Gözüm

Dublin, Ireland | Royal Dublin Society


18' 00''

Van Gogh: An Immersive Journey

Immersive Installation
Music Direction, Music, Sound Design

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