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"Inspired by the concept of Sufism of a black dot that is believed to exist in every human being’s heart, “Süveydâ” tells the story of an ever-shifting character in search of their meaning. A fall causes our character to face the disjointedness of the other human beings around them and together they clump into a collective Sisyphean rock rolling uphill, only to fall back again and to disintegrate.

The film is intended to be experienced in a cave, with visitors using handmade beeswax candles for a ritualistic and immersive viewing experience."


Direction & Story & Animation: Zamliycih & Pırıltı Onukar

Music & Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız

Edit: Gencer Özdamar

Amsterdam, Netherlands | Kriterion
Istanbul, Turkey | Canlandıran Festival
Istanbul, Turkey | Karşı Sanat


10' 27''


Animated Short Film
Music, Sound Design

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