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"Space & Possibilities is an outdoor projection mapping specially designed for Signal Festival 2019, and it unfolds the possibilities inside a space.


The existing identity of a space guides us to the historical function it carries, and the spirit it embodies. Yet this perception is always prone to change. When light and sound alters the spatial form, the physical identity of a space morphs and evolves into different possibilities. While the borders between the space and outside blurs, we can discover the existence of almost another space within the space. Movements of light and shadow creates a choreography which leads to a paradox in perception. Manipulation of impressions carries through modular incarnations slowly interchanging. Time becomes both the action and reaction. This way, the visible surface transforms, and we are able to perceive the inner world it harbours, its deeper layers.

This evolution offers a new futuristic and fluid spatial state. Through the revealed possibilities, the space is expanded and reconstructed into a more formless and timeless identity."


Direction & Design: Nohlab

Music & Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız, Giray Gürkal, Umut Gonca

Visual Artists: Arktk Berkut, Fehmican Gözüm, Necmi Deniz Akıncı, Gökalp Gönen, Nohlab

Technical Director: Fehmican Gözüm

Commissioned by Culturespaces Digital

Prague, Czechia | Signal Festival / Church of Saints Cyril and Methodius


7' 27''

Space & Possibilities

Architectural 3D Video Mapping
Music, Sound Design

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