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"Pınar Akkurt's exhibition titled "Things" at Vision Art Platform questions what else can be done by transforming wastes and how they can be brought into the life cycle based on upcycling. Upcycling simply means creative reuse. The “Things” exhibition, on the other hand, presents Pınar Akkurt's productions in interdisciplinary practices with site-specific installations, sculptures, and videos focusing on upcycling. Akkurt transforms everyday objects, easy-to-reach objects, and materials that would normally go to waste in her productions. Plastic bags, cardboard and tin boxes, daily packaging waste, kitchen tools, etc. many objects greet us outside of their existing form. Akkurt transforms all these human-made materials, presents them as creating new objects in interdisciplinary practices, hacks everyday life, and looks ahead." *Excerpt from the exhibition text written by Melike Bayık.


Design: Pınar Akkurt

Music & Sound Design: Gökalp Kanatsız

Video Shooting: Numan Alkan

Video Editting: Eda Emirdağ

Istanbul, Turkey | Vision Art Platform
Istanbul, Turkey | Haliç Sanat


3'16'' - loop / 3'06''


Installation, Documentation
Music, Sound Design

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