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Alibaba Design Week 2021 | Hangzhou, China

Ace of M.I.C.E 2021 | Istanbul, Turkey

Contemporary Istanbul | Istanbul, Turkey

Kristal Elma | Istanbul, Turkey


sound design, audio programming, music



"A combination of custom interactive software, interactive sound, UI Design, rear projection system, plexiglass and mirrors and touch screen; Arkhe lets the person who experiences the work to control the elements that build up the essence of matter. As the viewers master the essence, they experience the transformation, motion and harmony that may arise when interacting with other elements.


Throughout history, humanity has sought to understand the operating principles of nature's basic elements and the relationship between them- in order to dominate nature, and orient it for their benefit.

In the footsteps of Newton's efforts to combine alchemy with mechanics, the artwork tries to bring digital and alchemy together, portraying human control over nature through computer-machine interaction."

Data from touch screens is transferred to Ableton Live and mapped to custom-made Max4Live devices, allowing the user to process and transform audio in real-time.


Direction & Design: Nohlab & Decol

Music & Interactive Sound Design & Audio Programming: Gökalp Kanatsız

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